Hong Kong B&W


The streets of Hong Kong can be bustling and chaotic, with a whole bunch of colors and stuff going on. So, for this little project of mine, I decided to snap some street portraits in black and white, trying to simplify these complex scenes by isolating subjects, patterns, and shapes. With this simplification, The idea is to make these photos more impactful and more relatable for viewers.


Street Photography


To showcase Hong Kong’s busyness in portrait photography I just focus on people in their everyday lives. This could involve capturing their commuters on the way to work, shoppers carrying bags full of groceries, and students with tired faces.

Hong Kongers are always on the go. They are constantly working, and getting from one place to another. But even in their busiest moments, they still manage to maintain a sense of grace and composure. I believe this self-assignment captures in a perfect way the busyness of Hong Kong. By capturing the expressions and body language of its people, we can get a glimpse into their lives and the fast-paced world they live in.