Penghu Taiwan


Visiting Penghu in Taiwan during winter can be a very different experience than visiting in the summer months, the winds can be very strong, especially in the northern part of the islands. This can make it difficult to enjoy some outdoor activities, such as swimming or sunbathing. But for the kind of photos I was looking for the weather conditions were perfect. 




One of the best things about visiting Penghu in winter is that you can have the beaches and other popular attractions practically to yourself. This means that we can take our time setting up our shots without having to worry about crowds getting in our way, achieving the photos we had in mind, where the objective of this session was to take advantage of the cold and dull environment, achieving “turned-off” images as shown in our cover image and that of the model (陳䚿璇)

Despite the weather conditions, we were still able to capture warm images, such as this one of a visitor who shared his time with us. I was able to achieve good photos of him, where his colors blended with those of the environment.