Two Friends in Xiamen, China


During my time as a photographer, I’ve been absolutely blessed to find in different countries (especially Asia) men talking and sharing time out of the stereotypical spaces. For this post, I chose two friends sharing time on a beach in Xiamen, China.


Street Photography


Stereotyping men as constantly talking about women or drinking in bars in their friendships not only limits their emotional expression but also reinforces unhealthy gender norms. It suggests that men are one-dimensional beings whose primary purpose is to pursue romantic relationships, which undermines their autonomy and individuality.

“It’s time to challenge and break down the stereotype that men can’t have close relationships with male friends without talking about women or drinking in a bar. Men have diverse emotional, intellectual, and personal needs that they fulfill through their friendships. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of male friendships not only supports men’s mental and emotional well-being but also contributes to breaking down harmful gender stereotypes and promoting healthier, more equal relationships between all individuals..”

- Anledry Cobos,Photographer -